Saturday, 14 July 2012

The Bouncing Souls - Comet 12"

These days it can be hard for a band to stay together and still sound great for any decent period of time. But after a whopping 23 years, The Bouncing Souls have managed to stay together and churn out their 9th studio album. To be honest, I was not a fan of "Ghosts On The Boardwalk" at all, I've barely listened to it. That doesn't matter though, with Comet they have managed to create another great Souls album. The energy captured in their earlier albums is back and the songs seem as fresh as ones from 20 years ago.
The artwork is really cool on this LP. Although it is really quite simple, the cartoon style gives a real 90's feel to the space picture. It brings to mind the artwork of "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" more than any of their other artworks. The cut-out comet is a great effect too.
The cartoon style artwork is continued on the inside, with the comet about to crash land. No inserts are included this time, but all the lyrics are written up on the left hand side.
Overall, 2500 copies of this record were made, of course with variants in different quantities. Being a split release between Rise records and Chunksaah records, different versions are available from each store. The regular black (and therefore much more boring) version is available from Rise records, with 1000 copies produced. A plain blue retail version is also out there somewhere limited to 500 copies. Bouncing Souls are currently touring and I assume the tour version will be available directly from them. That one is red and yellow splatter, again limited to 500 copies. And finally there is the Chunksaah records mailorder version, which is what I have. This is obviously blue and black splatter, and again (again) is limited to 500 copies. Unfortunately for those slow pokes out there, this is already sold out! I'm pretty sure it only took a few days, but a repress should be happening fairly soon for those who desperately want their hands on a copy. ( In fact, this is already out and some has already sold out again!)
The blue and black splatter effect is done really well and may even challenge the other blue/black splatter record I own. This version goes really well with the blue hues in the artwork, and I'm gonna say the tour version would look great with the inside artwork. Hopefully someone'll post a picture of that before too long.

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