Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Integrity - VValpurgisnacht Glow in the Dark 7"

This only came today and is going to jump the gun in front of other things a bit. 

VValpurgisnacht is one of those records that have been pressed on about 387 different colours, which has lead to some pretty cool looking collections. I haven't really been getting the variants of this one, there is simply too much to get and it doesn't seem worth just getting a few different ones. I made an exception this time though, this fifth pressing brings something interesting to the VValpurgisnacht family; glow in the dark vinyl.
This time around the records have been pressed in a green theme, and as such Charlie has been given the green treatment. In the normal light the record is a light green colour. Interestingly the centre labels have been changed this time.
But the main reason I bought this was the ability to glow in the dark. I hadn't got any records that do this yet so the opportunity was almost too good to pass up. The photo is rather noisy, but I really had to crank up the ISO level on the camera to even get a decent picture.
As for the two tracks on the EP, they still purely awesome even after four years of listening to them. I don't think I'll every grow tired of listening to them.
Here's what it looks like compared to my third round press. I wonder how many more versions will be pressed in the years to come..

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