Saturday, 12 October 2013

Gehenna - The Birth of Vengeance 7"

Among other things, I have been trying to get hold of the earlier Gehenna releases for a while now. The opportunity to acquire this record has appeared a few times, but it had seemed to be either too expensive or at times when there were other things I just had to buy. A few weeks ago however, I was able to pick up my own copy from a seller on Discogs (I think) for a reasonable price.

Released all the way back in 1996, this marks Gehenna's second vinyl release, after their split with Apartment 213. It contains five tracks, that are really just as Brutal today as they were 17 years ago. Any of you that have "The War Of The Sons Of Light and The Suns Of Darkness" will have already heard the tracks, as every one made it's way onto that compilation 12".
As what seems the norm with Gehenna releases, the record itself is very plain. Just plain black with no labels. Although I have a feeling there is another version out there with white labels. What I know for sure is the existence of a version with different artwork. Instead of the shot of buildings, there is a picture of a snake (as can be seen here). Included with the record is a printed lyrics sheet.
I thought I would scan a nice high-resolution image of the artwork, as I wasn't able to find such a one on the internet to make my iTunes complete. When I was doing so I noticed a rather faint image on the back of the artwork card. It is mostly red, but I could definitely make out an image very similar to the artwork present on Pulling Teeth's Witches Sabbath series.
A quick scan and some dodgy image manipulation later, and I was correct. It is the same work as number V in the Witches Sabbath series. Of course the art itself comes from Compendium Maleficarum by Francesco Maria Guazzo. 


  1. It took me a while to get this as well. The earlier stuff is difficult as you know but, well worth it! The first tape on RPT is a frustrating one too!

  2. Great record! There are so many variations of this that I simply gave up trying to own them all. There are a series of super limited covers including the "Forsake The Flesh" (If I'm remembering correctly), Shoko Asahara sleeve, and the Serpent. Then there's the Crimethinc press on top of it haha. I love the simplicity of the release because it fits so well with Gehenna's stripped down no bullshit music.

    The demo is hard to find; I had a copy without a cover for a while until one popped up on eBay. Josip had a different version with a red ink insert and with like a box cover instead of the xerox'd envelope one.