Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Kill Life - Snake Kills Whole Family 7"

Alongside Pale Creation's split with Hessian and the self titled release by I Am Heresy, I previously wrote a small review about a much more peculiar EP by none other than Kill Life. They were released as digital releases as a set of three, but sadly only two managed to emerge as records at the expected time. I believe there were issues with the arrival of the records at Magic Bullet HQ, so it took a while for this to actually surface.

There was then another delay in me getting this, USPS putting up their shipping prices to international destinations, which caused Magic Bullet to revamp their webstore. After some time I saw here that they were up again and selling the 7" alongside the same themed T-Shirt. I wasn't too keen for the shirt, what with how expensive it would be to ship now so I left it. Little did I realise this could easily be ordered through Cobraside Distribution (as I did with the Ides of Gemini 7"), so I turned to Ebay. There were a few copies from UK sellers which were still pretty cheap, so this time I didn't hesitate on getting a copy.
It may have taken a while but it was worth waiting to get, the digital tracks have got a great vinyl treatment. The record sleeve has a photo either side, depicting two of the songs. On the front is the same child with a snake around his neck as we saw from my previous post for "Snake Kills Whole Family". On the reverse is a picture for "Shark Invades Land".
Magic Bullet put out four different versions of the vinyl; green, grey, purple and red. My copy is supposedly the red version, although it is really more of a maroon colour than anything. There are also a few black-ish swirls mixed in there too.

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  1. Holy crap, some of the best artwork I have seen so far this year!!! AWESOME!