Sunday, 9 June 2013

ILSA / SSOS split 7"

Alongside the latest Ides of Gemini EP, this was another Record Store Day release that I was very excited about. This was released by A389 and was sold solely at various record stores around the world. Unfortunately my local record store wouldn't be getting any copies for sale, so I had to rely on other methods to get my hands on this. Ebay turned out to be the place to go, with several copies up for sale by various flippers. Most were in the higher price range that you would expect from these people, but one copy was still at a reasonable price with a buy now so I did not hesitate.
The split features two new tracks; one from each band. Interestingly, both are cover songs, with Seven Sisters of Sleep covering "Messiah" by Hellhammer and Ilsa covering IVth Crusade by Bolt Thrower. Both are excellent cover versions of already great songs, but I think the SSOS track just has a very slight edge over the Ilsa one.
The record is on red vinyl, and is limited to 666 copies. Shortly after RSD, A389 did also release a glow in the dark version for mailorder which would have been cool to get my hands on too. I'm pretty sure that was just limited to 1000 copies and had already sold out by the time I found out about it.
The rest of the packaging is up to the usual A389 standard, with awesome artwork designed by Szymon Siech, that draws on various 70s horror films.The inside of the cover also draws on the same influences.
As an extra bonus the record also includes an incredibly massive "movie" poster of the cover artwork.
The entire split is available to stream online just in case you missed out on getting your copy.

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