Monday, 17 June 2013

Anne - Mixtape II

Along with the split with Whirr, Anne also released this; Mixtape Two. Before "Dream Punx", Anne released their 2010 demo as well as Mixtape I, although this is the first release by the band to actually be on tape. Sadly, this was also delayed along with the split with Whirr, but it did eventually see the light of day and was definitely worth it.
This release is a little different from the previous work from Anne. There are seven songs in total, but only four are new. The remaining three comprise of remixes of "Punk Bike", "Thrush" and "Virginal Plight" from Dream Punx. All are very different from the original mix, but Thrush may as well be a completely different song, there is almost nothing resembling the original version.
The other four tracks are previously unheard, which was definitely more exciting. My favourite of the two are "Worship", which is very similar to the work on the Whirr split, and a surprising cover of Bruce Springsteen's "Atlantic City".
The packaging is relatively basic on this release. I would have loved to see a teal tape matching the artwork, but what can you do?

This was released by Run For Cover records once again, and was limited to 200 copies. From what I can see it is all sold out now. Not all is lost though, you can still stream the tape for free down below.

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