Friday, 17 May 2013

Oede -Sør Norsk Djevel Blues Tape

Last year, Holy Terror records released an EP from a one man Norwegian band going by the name of Oede. Since then Oede has appeared on a couple of compilation releases including a striVVe recordings tape and Thee Compilation from Classified Resistance. A few weeks ago Oede released his next solo release as the first release from the new Negromancy label.
This new tape is entitled "Sør Norsk Djevel Blues", which roughly translates to South Norwegian Devil Blues. I think that pretty much sums up the content of this tape perfectly. Somehow Oede has managed to take the low-fi black-metal blues sound from "One Man's Trash" and enhance almost every element into something even more wonderfully weird. The vocals are harsher, and the twisted blues feel comes through even stronger than in that first EP.
The artwork is a clever combination of the Norwegian and confederate flag, highlighting two quite distinct styles present in Oede's work. One on hand we have the track "Kråkevisa", a classic Norwegian folk song where on the other we have a track like "Pinnekjøtt Blues" which has a very southern blues feel to it. 

The tape is black with a hand-stamped Oede logo and is limited to just 66 copies. It is now officially sold out, as with Negromancy's next tape, VVlad. 
The insert folds out to become quite large, and on one side contains some artwork and information stating the production of the tracks. The entire thing was recorded with homemade guitars, which is really quite impressive.
What is perhaps one of the coolest aspects of this release is this instruction set on the back of the insert. It is step instructions on how to build your very own Cigar Box guitar! I am very interested in actually trying to make one myself at some point, I shall post if anything does ever come of it...

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