Saturday, 11 May 2013

New Integrity and Blind to Faith

Yeah this isn't a post about a record, but it is damn exciting news so I thought I would share. Most of you probably know, but it has been an exciting week for new track releases.
First and foremost is the new track from Integrity, from their yet to be released "Suicide Black Snake". It is entitled "There Aint No Living In Life", and is quite honestly one of the best tracks they have released to date. It is really something quite different to what you would expect from the masters of metallic hardcore, but it is truly something amazing.
I guess it can best be described as a perfect blend between Integrity and Roses Never Fade, with a dash of Oede thrown in with the harmonica sections. And yes you did read that last part right. Dwid performs his fantastic harsh whisper vocals seen in RNF that just go perfectly. It has definitely made me even more excited for this new record. originally hosted the new song, but it has since been uploaded onto the A389 bandcamp page if you'd prefer to listen right here.

Next was something that caught me completely off guard, a new track from Blind to Faith. I have literally just written a post about their new live tape, saying how keen I was to hear something new from these guys. A couple of days later they posted a link on their Facebook page to a new track with accompanying video.

This track is entitled "Under The Heptagram" from their new EP with the same name. It picks right up from where The Seven Fat Years Are Over left off, and is just damn brutal. Like Suicide Black Snake, it is set to be released on the almighty A389 records relatively soon, so keep your eyes peeled. I'm sure neither will last very long.

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