Sunday, 5 May 2013

Blind to Faith - Live At The Pits Tape

It almost doesn't seem possible, but it was almost 4 years ago that Blind to Faith released their debut LP "The Seven Fat Years Are Over'. What an album though, not a single low point throughout the whole thing. Since then the only other BTF release we have been blessed with is the split with Gehenna, which was still three years ago. Well all that has changed now with the release of a brand new tape!
Entitled "Live at the Pits", this tape contains a live recording of the band playing at Pits bar in Belgium. Sadly there are no surprise new tracks, but there areall of the classic tracks from "The Seven Fat Years Are Over". They sound like they would have been awesome live too. They managed to take the already fantastic tracks from their album and somehow found some room left to amp up the brutality.
This tape marks the first release for the new label, Soul Slayer records, who have done a great job with the packaging. The tape is right yellow, and is housed inside a red case with a nice thick cardboard insert. The artwork looks cool, and features the band's heptagram logo. Inside is a picture from a flyer that has since been modified into a T-Shirt design and some notes by none other than Mike Apocalypse. A cool Blind to Faith sticker was also thrown in to sweeten the deal, awesome stuff.

This is limited to 100 versions, but it still seems there are a few copies available here. There was originally a version that came with a T-shirt with the tape artwork on it. These seem to be gone now, but if you are quick you can still acquire the tape by itself.


  1. There's 8 tracks on the tape. Just flip to the other side and check out the rest.

  2. BLIND TO FAITH13 May 2013 at 10:38

    This tape contains the first ever Blind to Faith show. And yes. Both sides contain music.

  3. and the tshirt design was a modified version of the flyer, which you can see printed inside;)

  4. That is horrendously embarrassing! Thanks for pointing out my huge blunder