Thursday, 9 May 2013

Bouncing Souls - Hopeless Romantic 12"

Not too long ago I was lucky to see the Bouncing Souls for a second time, in support of there latest album , "Comet". Of course the show was awesome, but during 'Ole!' I realised there was one album I was missing out on completely. Even counting my CD albums, I had not got (or even really had the chance to listen to much of) Hopeless Romantic. That just wouldn't do, so within the next few days I jumped online and hunted down a copy.
I'm glad I did too, I've listened to this album a lot since it arrived. It's been great to blast on my ipod while sitting all day at work. There are the performance mainstays such as the title track and the aforementioned Ole!, but a few other gems that have slipped under my radar until now. 
Overall it is quite a transitional album for the band, bridging the sound between 99's self titled album and 01's  "How I Spent My Summer Vacation", which I still think is their best album to date.
From what I could see online this blue version is a repress, limited to 500. I sometimes try and get a copy of a first press, but in this case the blue looked so much better than the original. It was first pressed on black, which is fine, but I think this blue has much more of an edge.
It also came with the original inserts which is always a bonus with second hand records. This has lyrics to all the songs as well as a couple of band pictures.


  1. I always liked the "Hopeless Romantic" release. One of my ex girlfriends loved it and would play it all the time, so it kinda just stuck with me.

    1. Yes it is certainly one of the more girlfriend-friendly records in my possession.