Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Parasite - Proof Of The Existence 7"

This release seems to have gone by relatively unannounced. It was only through a chance look on Facebook that I saw this announced, but other than that I have heard very little. It's a shame, it is Parasite which means it is bloody awesome.
This EP is released by the almighty Holy Terror records, and contains two new Japanese metal punk tracks. Both are perfect examples of just how great this under appreciated band is, with the whole EP totalling just over 9 minutes. The first 10 seconds were enough to make me jump straight over to the HT store and pick up my copy.

Several copies exist, but although I only purchased a very short time ago I cannot remember exactly what they are. I know there is a green version with a red cover that is limited to 100 copies, and a few other colours in the same boat. What I also know if that mine is featuring a white cover, that I think was limited to just 100 copies on both red and yellow. It doesn't make much of a difference, but it is nice to have something just that little bit more limited.
To be entirely honest, the packaging isn't all that spectacular, although the caliber of the tracks does more than make up for it. The cover artwork is most similar to the hand-drawn artwork from their earlier Sin 7". One thing about Parasite is that they currently don't seem to have any kind of consistent artwork, but perhaps that will change from now.
The cover folds out to show the band logo printed thrice, as well as a band photo and some info/thanks you notes.
The entire EP isn't available to stream online, but the first track is online with the "name your price" deal. Listen and spread the news of Parasite.

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