Monday, 15 July 2013

Parasite/ Doraid/ Birth Ritual - The Savage Beast of Three Head 3 way split 12"

Here is another record I was really excited about as soon as I heard about it. Since the awesome split with Vermapyre, I have been a big fan of all things Parasite and have always been keen to get my hands on more of their releases. Not all that long ago they announced they would be releasing a 3 -way split album with Birth Ritual and Doraid. As it was a Japanese release it was a little hard to get my hands on, but I got there in the end.
The artwork features, you guessed it, The Savage Beast of Three Head. It is quite a cool looking front cover, but I'm a bit confused why the additional cover piece was included. As you can see in the first photo the only real difference is a change to the font of the album title.
The back cover features photos of each of the three bands and the track listings. Each band plays four songs, which are all new for Parasite at least. I'm not too familiar with the other bands, and while they are in a similar style to Parasite, they just don't quite match up. They sound considerably more polished which seems to take something away from the energy in the music. That gritty sound is one of the things that I love about Parasite. At least their four songs are bloody awesome.
To the best of my knowledge this came only on black vinyl. Perhaps there are some other versions out there somewhere, who knows...
Aside from the great tracks, this record is stellar in terms of extras. First of all is the insert pictured above. I suppose it quite standard, with band artwork and track information etc. It is still always appreciated to receive though. Next is the large fold out poster of the album/tour artwork. If the tracks on here are anything to go by that would have been a great tour.
Lastly is a large selection of various flyers. I'm not really sure what most of them are for, but again it is always appreciated to get something extra.

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